• 2014/10/22
    Ontario, Canada Post representative office in China, China Louisiana office.
  • 2013/6/25
    Spain became the Tecnalia National Technology Transfer Center Chinese cooperation development centers, SME associations and Italy Italian companies to develop their business in overseas markets.
  • 2012/8/8
    Became a British Isle of Man Department of Economic Development in China representative office opened Polish business channel, to assist SMEs in Poland to China.
  • 2007~2009
    Work undertaken by the Secretariat Asian Business Incubation Association, a Ministry of "Russian Union of Science and Technology Cooperation Base" by China Technology Market Association member "Golden Bridge Award" collective award; Torch Center awarded the "National Technology Transfer demonstration institutions."
  • 2006/7/12
    Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Scientific and Economic Information, has become the center of international scientific and technological cooperation Torch rely on institutions to become "European SMEs international service network" members.
  • 2004/5/12
    "Shanghai International Technology Transfer Network Collaboration" was established
  • 2001/3/12
    Shanghai Co-Way International Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd. was formally established